Friday, June 08, 2007

"Please consider it since I will need something to listen to when I'm penniless and alone."

Friday is my favorite day of the week. I was born on a Friday. Fridays are fluff. Fridays in the city during the summer are languid and hold promise of catching a drink outside while the sun goes down, traffic blaring in the background. Since it's a summer Friday, let us turn our gaze away from the serious (and the anniversary of my coming out) and embrace the frivolous.

Recently I got a plea from one of my readers, who on my orders, went forth and listened to Andrew Bird's "Armchairs". Over. And over. So much that she bought the album. The song (actually the whole album) had been my favorite of the moment, rocking it almost daily in the early weeks of this May, and my reader pleaded for more musical recommendations. Thus begins a summer feature here at Post No Bills called . . .

My Friday Faves

Music is one of my faves, which might be apparent from the frequency it features into my blog entries, whether it's a Dean Martin inspired musical daydream or concerts at Carnegie Hall. My roommate wants me to go to the Pela show at Mercury Lounge on Sunday and I have been listening to Nicole Atkins and Bishop Allen too, which reminds me that I apparently have been inadvertently keeping up with the Brooklyn scene. But here's my new favorite song -- "I Was a Daughter" by Basia Bulat -- and she's from Canada, not Brooklyn. Click on the arrow below to play a clip of the song.

Basia BulatI Was A Daughter



Anonymous said...

Nice song.
Happy anniversary!


Heather said...

Wow, I’m so excited about this new summer feature! I guess dreams really do come true. Your timing couldn’t have been better since I’ve been playing the Andrew Bird CD so much that I was in danger of doing some serious damage to it. Also love the fact that your inaugural recommendation is a fellow Canadian. Nice choice. I love the song.