Friday, June 29, 2007

"Having you post my SAS on your blog would be the highlight of my week!"

Remember back in the day (oh, say, January) I declared a new phase in OFAG, a new phase called Operation Prove Me Wrong also know as Single And Sane (SAS).

Seriously, I need to stop with the acronyms. Can you tell that I grew up in Washington, DC?

SAS was an attempt to show that there were other women out there who had it going on and yet couldn't seem to get it on. Or just perhaps couldn't find Ms. Right. While a got a few nominations for SAS other than myself, the emails didn't exactly flood in. Perhaps a bad sign for the sanity of blog reading lesbians at large? However recently one intrepid soul has nominated herself for SAS.

Name: Ms. M
Occupation: Project Management Consultant
Actual Occupation: Full Time Babysitter of well paid adults

* I am 26 and glad to be rid of those more tedious younger years . . . The memories are sweet though.
* I really think about how my words/actions will impact individuals (intimates as well as complete strangers).
* My daily goal is to contribute to a reason people smile.
* My cooking is abysmal, but I am an excellent second mate and love cleaning up a kitchen to thank the cook.
* I recently ended a relationship that was less of a partnership and more of a constant counseling session . . . for her.
* I am on the hunt for an equal.
* I do things like fill this list out at work to keep sane and remind myself that I am not dating my laptop.
* I think sane A-type personalities are hot.
* I am not an A-type, but mentally, emotionally and physically strong enough to hold my own.
* I am very down to earth.
* Speaking of earth . . . I am huge fan of hiking, backpack-style traveling and road/mountain biking.
* I will be a practicing psychologist someday!
* I love closet nerds . . . just not closet cases.
* I am an extrovert, but use my introverted soft skills to work with people.

There you go people. For any of you out there who want to review the rules of Single And Sane, please read here. And please use the comments section to give Ms. M, this month's SAS, a morale boost.

3 comments: said...

ROFL! That was awesome... lol

LG said...

Ms. M, you sound delicious. Do you have any SAS friends in Ohio? Those of us outside NYC are at a distinct disadvantage until Ms. Rouge can roll out nationwide initiative.

Ms. M said...

Actually, I am from Ohio and live there when I am not at an out of state client.