Friday, June 08, 2007

"The lesbians of the world are lucky to have you among them."

I think I might be a little verklempt. Two of my coworkers just stopped by to give me a card that they had made out of colored construction paper from the supply room. Written in blue ink upon cut out hearts is the affirmation You Are So Gay. Inside:

The lesbians of the world are lucky to have you among them.
Happy Anniversary!!!



Dorothy Snarker said...

Fabulous. Happy anniversary, babe. Us gay gals are indeed lucky to have you among our ranks. Come let us embrace you in our ample bosoms. Ahem.

c'lam said...

how lovely!

Sally said...

I love thos personal touch cards better than the ones you can buy... then again that message is VERY personalized! Happy Anniversary... what are you celebrating?

nycrouge said...

10 years since my forced coming out. Yay!

LG said...

Yeah, that card is way better than the You Are So Gay cards I found at Hallmark.

Seriously, happy anniversary. The more of us, the better.