Saturday, April 07, 2007

"Remember to breathe."

As promised, here's my sorely overdue proper update:

The Roommate Situation

Finding a roommate in New York is hell. Period. You set up appointments to show the apartment to people who don't show, answer emails from strange people, and cross your fingers and hope that not only you find someone in time, but that they are not psychotic. This was all made worse by a general lack of interest in my place, which I think may be attributed to the fact that no one knows where my neighborhood is.

But for all that consternation and near ulcer inducing stress, my coworker (yes, my coworker!) took an interest in my place and will be moving in the next week or two. While it may be strange or perhaps risky to live and work with somebody, I am filled with the perhaps naive faith that it will work.

The L Word Season Finale

Like any dutiful lesbian, I watched season four with crossed arms, silently praying that the show would suddenly not suck and that writers would move away from lesbian cliches and start offering us engaging interpersonal stories about women and their lives. While I won't analyze the show in depth -- someone has already done a far better job -- I will say that the last few episodes of the season were marked by their lack of suckiness. So let's all hold out hope that season five will somehow somehow finally reach the heights of awesomeness that it flirts with on rare occasions.

Out Magazine and the Glass Closet

Oh my. That cover. When I first saw it, I thought, Can they do that?? Is it libel? Is it satire? Is it right to out two celebrities in this day in age or rather is it right to hide in the closest in a post Ellen world? I obviously see both sides of the argument, but I've come to this conclusion: It's 2007. Being gay is both not a big deal and something that still causes social conservatives to get their panties in a bunch. While I respect that being out is a serious decision and by no means easy, I feel that being a closest celebrity in this day and age almost gives you a responsibility to be out so that one day being gay really won't be a big deal. So I guess this means that I am reluctantly siding with Out magazine.

My Fake Girlfriend™

Lawyer Girl (yes, remember her?) and I talk every day. Text. Email. Phone. We see each other once a week if not more depending on both our busy schedules. For a friend, she sure gives off the girlfriend vibe. You know, that vibe. Perhaps we're caught up in that pre-relationship phase. Perhaps nothing will happen. I've been too busy to care quite honestly. But I feel that in our many conversations there is that veiled negotiation that goes on between two people that like each other. My only hesitation is that she has said more than once that she doesn't know what she wants let alone if she wants to stay in New York.

Bad Habits

I knew that once I mentioned my relapse into smoking (it was just 1.5 cigarettes!) I would hear from my trusty friend Beth, who is currently defending her PhD at Cambridge. She's a scientist who has been studying public health and while she reminded me that red wine, chocolate, and even cannabis were acceptable ways to deal with stress, that I was not to support Big Tobacco! So I hang my head in shame for giving in a very deplorable old habit. Next time I'll make sure I have some weed on hand.


Here's something I never thought I'd be doing -- church shopping. My Fake Girlfriend and I were looking up gay friendly churches the other day in order to find a place to attend Easter services. I found a not technically gay friendly Episcopal church in gay friendly Park Slope. Service is at 11 am and while it's hard to get me out of the house before noon on Sundays, I'll do my best.


EnnuiHerself said...

Roommate Situation -
Mark my words: this will not end well.

Out Magazine -
I've heard the rumors about Anderson Cooper. Perhaps it's just naive of me, but isn't this cover wrong on the grounds that maybe, just maybe, they're just not gay despite the circulating rumors? 'Course my denial could be fueled by my crush on Anderson Cooper.

Lent -
Wait, what? Why are you going to church? Are you becoming a reformed Catholic or something?

bad apologies said...

Roommate Situation -
Does this mean a shared commute? That can be awkward in the city.

Out Magazine -
Those two have been outed several times over at this point. It wasn't supposed to be a surprise, I don't think, as much as it was supposed to be laughable that they persist to avoid. Anderson Cooper is a tool.

Bad Habits -
Seriously? Is "Beth" aka "Red"? If she is honestly giving you crap for 1.5 cigarettes, she should also be giving you crap for living in grimmy Brooklyn/NYC. You want to protect your lungs move to where the air is clean and not post-industrial. Heck, Signe BROKE INTO HIVES the first time we visited lower Manhattan together back in 1997.

kimberlyd. said...

Try The Riverside Church? I’m trying to catch up on your blog, which was found courtesy of Ms.Snarker. I do agree, you have to love a woman who fucking swears!

nycrouge said...

Sadly the Riverside Church is a serious schlep for me since I'm down in Brooklyn.