Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Maybe it's time to relaunch OFAG."

Recently there has been a call for restarting OFAG. Dainty acronym aside, I fully remember that every time I seem to put my heart out there it gets crapped on or battle fatigue sets in -- whichever comes first, usually it's the battle fatigue. But . . . but . . . what is this that I'm feeling? Can it be . . . optimism? Surely not?!

So there seems to be some rustling in the air. Perhaps because it's spring and people are slowly coming out of hibernation, but I seem to be generating an uptick in interest from both boys and girls. Case in point? The guy at jury duty yesterday that kept trying to catch my eye, even going so far as to move closer to me throughout the day in a refreshingly non creepy way . I could tell that he was really looking for a chance to talk to me and I felt bad since, well, I'm a lesbian.

Other case of interest? My friend Carmen seems to be finally coming through with my request to facilitate a meeting between myself and a good friend of hers that has been interested in me for a while. And then I saw that someone -- someone HOT -- sent me a smile via Friendster.

Things are looking up. Perhaps I will relaunch OFAG.


Laura said...

Totally. It's spring. Universal mating season. Get saucy. Relaunch.

Oh, and if you end up with any extra HOT friends running around, send 'em my way.

Anonymous Lesbian said...

I'm with ya. Solidarity OFAG starting up in Sweden pronto.

Spring sort of has me alternating between being really disgusted by all the lovey-dovey couples all around town and desperately wanting to BE part of those couples.

Well, not the straight ones. Obviously.

Anonymous said...