Monday, April 30, 2007

"Get your Girl-Hunt on!"

Last night I dreamt that I was going to Paris. Even though I knew in my dream that I didn't have the money to go to Paris, somehow it was okay -- I think my parents were going to pay for it. Beats dreaming about maggots and getting married on "The View" to an old woman dressed in Victorian clothes.

So I declared in a previous entry that OFAG was on again. Actually what I said was consider it relaunched, motherfuckers. I liked the gusto of that profanity laced sentiment, a guns blazing, hells yeah, take no prisoners approach to dating. However we all know that it's one thing to say it's on and another to actually get out there and start dating again. Back when OFTL was in full swing, I quantified my efforts at the end of each month and since it's the end of April (Christ, is it already?), I felt that it was best to show how OFAG progressed along this weekend.

My friend Carmen has a friend named Patricia that I've met a few times before. She's beautiful, intelligent, and seems to embody all the qualities of a sane lesbian -- rare qualities, yes. Patricia apparently has told Carmen more than a few times that she's interested and Carmen in turn passed this info along to me. Yay, awesome!

Seeing how a whole entire year of Hey, Patricia is interested in you laced conversations have come and gone, I decided to do something about it. After a couple emails back and forth with Carmen, we devised a cunning plan -- I would host a happy hour on Friday with Lesbian Club and Carmen would bring Patricia along. I patted myself on the back for being proactive and started making arrangements for the happy hour.

A couple days later Carmen emailed me about some thing that her and Patricia were going to if I'd like to join. This function was on the SAME night as the happy hour I had planned. Ms. Cranky McBitch was not happy. Uh thanks, I said in an email, I will be too busy at the happy hour WE HAD ORIGINALLY PLANNED. Christ on a BIKE! After I calmed down, I sent a second email to ask if they were still planning on coming by? Carmen said that they would indeed swing by.

Order was restored to the universe.

When Carmen finally brought Patricia by the happy hour, I was four gins into the night. I wished that I could have been a little more on my game, but at least it meant that I was loosened up. So yes there was flirting and apparently she was checking me out. I scribbled my cell number onto my card and gave it to her. She said that we should get together for drinks sometime in Fort Green.

There you go. OFAG progress. I even had a this-may-or-may-not-be-a-date on Saturday and have also been chatting with Hot Friendster woman. Yay, awesome!


Anonymous Lesbian said...

Wow, when you say you're gonna relaunch OFAG, you really relaunch OFAG. I think I'll make you my role model right about now and start looking for dates... all I found this weekend was a straight girl who could potentially be slightly bicurious. Again: How hard can it be to fulfill the criteria 1)single, 2)sane, and 3)LESBIAN? Well, I'm gonna date her anyway. :P

dorothy snarker said...

I love the smell of OFAG in the morning, it smells like good reading.

p.s. I don't know if this is a sign, but my word verification to post this was "kidpu." Read into that what you will. Cheers -- Ms. S

censativemd said...

Geesh, you're like a blood hound for women. Uh, just one thing. . .I hope Patricia doesn't think that you're just a cute amusing drunk. Pull up on the drinks homegirl--at least until you have wooed her with your astounding wit. Nonetheless, congrats!

LG said...

Fantastic; we're looking for progress, not perfection. My only suggestion is to give the gin to her next time - then you're golden.

Anonymous said...

I am definitely making you my role model for the month. Consider OFAG launched in Arkansas (.....if you think it's hard to find a sane woman in the big city.....try the limited supply in the natural state)