Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Uh oh. Looks like your Ocho isn't working."

Don't worry, people. I'm not moving to London and neither is Ms. K. The exchange rate is currently 2:1 favoring the pound, not to mention that the dollar is at an all time low against the Euro. Moving to a place that would magically make my money worth only half its stateside value would be beyond redonkulous. Oh and did I mention that I'm broke? Even if there was money to spend I would have to have that much more in order to afford gallivanting around the UK. So yeah, inflation blows. Time to start investing in pesos.

The thing about that crazy pervasive feeling that I'm going to be traveling soon is that it doesn't fit within the current paradigm. Hello, I'm broke. One needs money to travel -- or at least a credit card or wealthy benefactor and I have none of those things. But I'm intrigued that I had a vision of Ms. K and I at an airport only for us to end up at Newark Airport a couple weeks later -- even if it was just to pick people up. What. Does. It. Mean??

In other news I love Ms. K. I love waking up next to her. I love her smell. I love that she challenges me. I love that she has facilitated the hottest sex I've ever had. I know I haven't blogged much about the evolution of our relationship since there's been so much difficult personal stuff happening off-line, but it's hard to believe that it's been more than seven months since we started seeing each other. And it was almost eight months ago that Ms. K read my dating manifesto and responded via email.

For those who feel like reminiscing, here are a couple of flashbacks.

* Rouge has a date with a blog reader.

* Rouge gives it up on the first date.

* Rouge and Ms. K survive a tornado.

* Rouge gets flowers.

* Rouge and Ms. K have the Best Day Ever™.

* Ms. K meets Rouge's parents.

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