Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"You'll let someone pee on you, but you won't let someone make a sex tape?"

Sorry for the Debbie Downer of a blog post previously. That's what you get for reading someone's fairly unfiltered thoughts -- yes, the highs and the lows. So caveat lector and all that jazz but don't worry, I'm slowly emerging from my cave and reconnecting with humanity.

That said, I spent most of Saturday watching, ahem, bootleg streams of L Word since I've failed to keep up with the latest season. If you don't mind the Chinese subtitles, it's not a bad way to watch television. I'm not sure how I feel about Season 5, but I'm strangely enjoying the batshit crazy version Jenny Schecter. Now with stalker/personal assistant/indentured servant!

In other entertainment news, Ms. K and I watched Juno over the holiday weekend (Snap, Ms. Snarker). I had a couple of free movie passes and have been saving them for a worthy movie (it was!), however I just realized that Be Kind Rewind opens this Friday. No offense, Ellen Page, but I'm kinda sold on the idea of Jack Black and Mos Def doing DIY remakes of Ghostbusters and other various movies. It has to be funny, right?

Oh and I might not be a finalist for Lesbian Blog of the Year Award, but my friend Sinclair is and so is my blog crusher Dorothy Surrenders. Please vote for them!

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Sabriel said...

Be Kind Rewind looks very funny, I'm sold too!

Have to say I was pretty disappointed to see your blog didn't make it as a finalist but fingers crossed that Dorothy will win as I voted for both you guys. Maybe next year huh? x