Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"You are ready for the streets. No you are not punking out of bikes."

The conversation started over email.

Ms. K: "Maybe we . . . could go for a bike ride in the city on Sunday, since it has been well over a year since I have ridden a bike in the city, and I'm a little out of shape."

Me: "You want to bike ride in the city with me?!"

Ms. K: "Yes! Why you don't want to? I will plan out a nice scenic route."

Me: "A scenic route where? Through Times Square?"

Ms. K: "Ha ha. No, for real. Don't make foolish of me. Maybe the Hudson River path? Do you want to come with me? Please?"

Me: "Okay, if it's a nice leisurely path where I'm not going to die then I'm down for it. Will we drive there with the bikes or take them on the subway?"

Ms. K: "Lazy little lady! We will ride the bikes over the Brooklyn Bridge. And then we will go on the path."

Dear readers, I am super out of shape. I mean I walk a lot like any New Yorker, but when I watched 28 Weeks Later recently with my roommate, I decided then and there that if I were chased by flesh eating zombies I would lose. I would be torn to shreds because I'm out of shape. And that would be the end of me. Darwin style.

So when Ms. K proposed a jaunty 15 mile bike ride, I shot her idea down as silly because while I'm interested in bike riding activities, it's a bit ambitious to think that someone who hasn't been on a bike in years would suddenly be able to ride such a distance. "How about we ride bikes around Prospect Park instead?"

My compromise fell on deaf ears and even some pouting.

Okay, I thought. I'll suck it up. I need a stress outlet, right? And what could be more stress relieving than a jaunty bike ride to Manhattan? But I at least prepared Ms. K for the inevitability that I would probably make it as far as Park Slope before my body quit on me -- especially since I've been sick with a chest cold.

I have to say I did better than expected. Mind you I enforced a lot of stopping, but when I finally rode my bike over the Brooklyn Bridge I felt a strange sense of exhilaration, the same sense that I got when I walked over the Manhattan Bridge back during the strike. I also felt the power of traversing the span between boroughs on a structure that has tethered two islands together since 1883 -- back when Brooklyn was its own city and when the bridge was the tallest structure on the horizon. Yes, YES! I thought. I can bike ride to Manhattan! I rule!

Exhilaration later wore off when my body started to not like 9 miles of bike riding. Ms. K didn't give me too much shit when I suggested we take the subway back.


Natazzz said...

Oh this post was just way too recognisable.

Maybe I should get into shape...

Libby B. said...

hammah down!

EnnuiHerself said...

Why, why would you do this? Did you learn nothing from my triathlon post? Those 14 miles almost killed me!

Glad to hear that you didn't need to resort to the "ditch option" though.