Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Who am I to argue with fate?"

I found myself unexpectedly with Ms. K at Newark Airport last night. Long story -- I don't normally hang out at the airport -- but we were there to keep her mother company as she waited to pick up a couple of people to bring back to Pennsylvania. As we wandered around the empty terminal, bereft of a non-shuttered bar to pass the time, I remembered that I had recently predicted that Ms. K and I would be in an airport soon.

Fuck me, but I had hoped it would be a sign that we would be going to Aruba . . . not picking up a couple of wayward Pennsylvanians.

Maybe there's still hope. Maybe this still means that my financial situation will be changing and Ms. K will be walking the canals of Amsterdam this year. Or maybe the Universe is playing a funny joke.

Speaking of my recent travel predictions, Ms. K needs a new job -- a new job in New York stat -- and has been looking in earnest for two months now. A couple of days ago she was offered a job . . . in London. Hmmm, that would be a bitch of a commute, right? Wasn't it not too long ago that my former roommates now living in England were joking that I too would be moving to London for love?

Ha ha, Universe. I get the joke. Again, I'll renew my passport just in case.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure they were the canals of Amsterdam and not the archipelago of Stockholm? ;) And I am HUGELY in favor of you two moving to London! --Red

Sally said...

Well... as a New Yorker returning to NY in exactly one week, I can tell you that if you are planning a move to London, make sure you have a job there. Europe is very expensive, specially London, and right now, the dollar is so low is ridiculous!!! And don't do what I did... just sell everything!
Love is powerful and makes us do things that are incredible some times. I spent almost 5 years in Berlin, but the financial situation and the dollar/euro exchange makes it impossible. So now we move into a "long distance" relationship...