Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"But you are going to be my real dessert :)"

Although it's not yet Valentine's Day, Ms. K and I are celebrating it early since she'll be working on Thursday night. We will be cooking dinner among other activities and keeping it low key at home. Ms. K has a menu planned of pork tenderloin, risotto, and vegetables. I'll be making the molten chocolate cake is planed along with lots of fizzy booze. A night with my lady along with food and drink? What more can a girl ask for on Fake Valentine's Day.

My V Day plans remind me of holidays previous with other lovers and the fact that this will be the first time I have celebrated the holiday not single since 2002. Yes, that means I've spent five consecutive holidays tortured and alone. But better to be alone than ever experience these highly entertaining Valentine's Days again:

1998: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend stole (STOLE!!) a 1936 first edition of Gone With the Wind from our college library because she knew I was into collecting first editions books. Yes, that was her idea of a gift however well intentioned. I was so embarrassed -- especially since she damaged it by removing any physical signs of its previous ownership -- that I didn't know what to do with it. I couldn't return it. That should have been a bright neon red flag.

2003: I spent a super awkward dinner with my ex-girlfriend, with whom I had broken up with less than a month before. We were both invited to a V Day dinner at a mutual friend's house. Not sure why I thought that was a good idea.

2004: I kindly invited a friend over for dinner so we could commiserate together. I ended up cooking a beautiful meal of soufflé, salad, and dessert with champagne. She contributed nothing and didn't say thank you.

2007: Fake Girlfriend wanted to meet up for dinner. Unfortunately she had to eat and run before heading back to the office and chose the midpoint between her office and the court case she had been trying out on Long Island. Unfortunately this was the TGI Fridays in Penn Station. I politely declined and went home alone to drink myself into a red wine induced stupor.

This year HAS to be better, right?


ms. write again soon said...

My sympathy for you is limited, my dear. It has been TEN YEARS since I've had any V-Day related activity. TEN LONG YEARS in tortured agony--so much so that I purposely planned a business trip to coincide EXACTLY with February 14 so I wouldn't have to face being home alone. Again.

Anonymous said...

This year will be far better for you. Continue being happy, in love and enjoy every good, bad and ugly moment that you two have together. You have no idea how I root for the two of you!