Monday, February 11, 2008

". . . you should blog about naked ladies, or the unfortunate prices of vibrating dildos, or something else more in your area of expertise."

Yawn. It's Monday. I had a couple of blog entries swirling around the brain over the weekend as I took care of a very sick Ms. K, but they're still caught in the ether between the hemispheres of my brain. My roommate Libby really wants me to blog about this monstrosity of a link, but all I could come up with was, "As if I needed further reason to be gay . . . ."

Then there's this link on the New York Times that I caught late last week about Goldman Sachs's new policy to cover employee sex change operations sex reassignment surgeries as part of their medical care plan. This paragraph stood out in particular:

"Goldman employees can undergo the procedure, which normally costs anywhere from $5,000 to $150,000, and have it paid for entirely by their medical insurance."

To which I thought, alarmed, What sort of back alley Tijuana sex change costs $5,000?????????!!!!!!!!!

There you go. Something to ponder.

But if you need something else to jump start your Monday, why oh why does the Leo vibrating dildo vary so much in cost across the interweb??
Vixen Creations ($50.00)
Eden Fantasys ($53.99)
Babeland ($70.00)

C'mon, Babeland! Time to start a price war. I've got a strict budget to adhere to and y'all need to help a sister out.


La Femme said...

Hey sugarplum,

I would venture to say that you've got expertise in lots of areas, so you shouldn't limit your blogging to anything.

That said, I know it seems natural to think about genitals when you think about SRS, but to be sure, top surgery, for both FTM and MTF trannies, also qualifies. Mr. Man's top surgery ran him about $6k, but breast implants for MTFs are generally even cheaper than that, probably under that $5k mark.

Also, call me a nit-picking semantic whore, but I think the PC term is now sexual reassignment surgery (SRS), not "sex change operations."

PS (dropping the PC schtick) are those OOMPA LOOMPAS?


Mr. Charm said...

Just to further clarify- it's actually Sex Reassignment Surgery, as opposed to Sexual Reassignment Surgery. Imagine if you could have surgery to change your sexuality- wouldn't that be scary!
This is great that SOMEBODY is covering trans healthcare, as there are very few places where a tranny can work and get trans-specific healthcare covered by insurance. The City of San Fransisco and Kodak are two others that come to mind- while others- like the health insurance at the LGBT law firm that I worked at over the summer (whose name I won't mention here for my own reasons) had no insurance for trans-specific care- in fact, our insurance specifically stated that anything related to trans healthcare would not be covered in their policy.