Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"You look hot in Vicks vapor rub."

Where have I been? No, not in a mikvah. I've been sick for the second time in a month, like crazy sick. Thankfully not in the emergency room again.

To answer the commenter about which exact harness I got, I can't seem to find the exact one on Babeland.com even though I got it at the store. It's a typical black leather one -- nothing fancy. And to the other commenter who pointed out that you can get a cell phone reception in the Spring Street station, touché! Yeah I've totally gotten a random signal while waiting for the 6 train.

In other news I started therapy for the first time in my life. I felt a little awkward going, but I'm concerned that the way I handle stress in my life is not working and the way I process emotions needs a paradigm shift . . . because it's making me sick. I've become very aware that there appears to be a mind/body connection with me and when I internalize my stress, as I have been doing, I end up in the emergency room. Obviously that can't continue.

When my therapist asked what I did to relieve stress, I honestly couldn't think of an answer. That scared me. There was a time when I came home, flounced on my couch, and watched Law & Order reruns, but since getting rid of cable I don't even have that anymore.

While this is not in keeping with my more sex, less financial ruin goal of 2008, I think it's time to resurrect last October's Operation Pimp My Body . . . . except maybe call it Operation Love My Body. Now I just need to figure out an outlet for my stress and learn to take fucking better care of myself.


tec said...

I find sex to be a perfect way to relieve stress. And it works right into your goals. WIN!

Anonymous said...

You need to check out Michelle Paradises Worst Date Stories Vlog on AfterEllen.com. There was a scary but hilarious reenactment that involved Vicks vapor rub and sex.