Thursday, November 08, 2007

"Fo shizzle."

Wednesday was the Best Day Ever™. Why? Here's a play-by-play.

* Ms. K came up from PA and stayed with me. I took off of work.

* Copious amounts of hot lesbian sex.

* Homemade chocolate croissants courtesy of Ms. K, which ended up in me getting covered in chocolate.

* Not getting dressed till 2 pm.

* Co-showering.

* Dashing off to Manhattan to the Museum of Modern Art, Ms. K's favorite museum, where we could both be modern art nerds. There were high-fives for making it out of the house during daylight hours.

* Walking hand in hand around Midtown, keeping each other warm, and kissing in front of all the mid-western tourists.

* Going shopping at Bloomingdale's, where I helped Ms. K try on jeans. She helped by finding it necessary to instigate some dressing room sex.

* Going to Superfine in DUMBO where we drank the Best Cocktail Ever™, the apple brandy sidecar, and ate good food.

* Going home to play Strip Scrabble. I lost. She won. But I guess when you play Strip Scrabble everyone turns out a winner.

Yes, I think that was the Best Day Ever™.


Stephanie said...

You took a day off of work to have sex and to run around the city with your hot gf...

You're my idol

JPed said...

Yes, you're my heroine too