Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"I'm happy that I'm going to see you today, because you are very, very pretty, and I heart you."

I've decided that I'm crazy about Ms. K. It is both frightening and exhilarating the way I want her around all the time and I've come to crave her smell, which is an intoxicating mixture of Chanel Allure, cigarettes, and pheromones. The pleasure centers of my brain light up when I bury my face into crook of her neck leading me to be grateful for millions of years worth of evolution that has hardwired the brain towards one simple premise: good smelling woman + sex = continuance of the species. Neurotransmitters crackle and my blood pressure stirs. While I'm not in danger of getting pregnant, I am seriously enjoying the rewarding brain chemicals in the meantime. Go evolution!

Seriously, she makes all the crappy people I dated worth it.


LG said...

I've found myself in trouble on more than one occasion with a woman who was mediocre in so many ways but who wore the right fragrance.

Sally said...

I totally understand you! My girlfriend makes me feel like all my previous relationships were mere rehearsals for this one, and there is no point comparing it with nothing else!