Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Decadence - first I have to look it up and see what it means. You know us southerners."

Warning: Those who are generally grossed out by meat, observe kosher or halal dietary rules, or just object to odd combinations of food might want to skip this entry.

Right. Are we all assembled? Ready?

I love pork. I mean like really really love pork. This probably makes me a very bad lesbian. When I was a vegetarian the only thing I missed was pork. Good god, how I missed it. When I gave up meat for Lent earlier this year all I could dream about was a post Easter binge at Momofuku Ssam Bar, the mere thought of which was like seeing a porky oasis at the end of a terrible desert.

You know another thing I like? Chocolate. Perhaps you see where this blog entry is going. What I'm advocating is a sort of culinary crossing of the streams -- you think it will be bad, but it ends up being oh so good.

My 29th birthday is this Saturday and I've devised a cunning plan to celebrate it involving a singular theme -- decadence. Think Marie Antoinette. Think glitter. Think rich food. I've been spending the last couple of days trying to think of a menu that inspires decadence. And what could be more decadent than chocolate covered bacon?

It has to be good, right?

In an email exchange between a friend of mine, we weighed the pros and cons of chocolate covered bacon and learned that apparently we were not as clever as we thought. While not as strange a combination as tuna and waffles, pork + chocolate has a long history together stretching back to sixteenth century Mexico. And then there's this modern example of chocolate covered bacon. Personally I'd leave the sprinkles off.

I'm not sure if my friend is going to make her own version for my party, but I can't wait to be her guinea pig. Until then I have numerous French themed hors d'oeuvres to prepare (in honor of Marie Antoinette), not to mention French inspired cocktails -- "French Martini" punch, calvados sidecar, and plenty of champagne.

Here's my somewhat complete menu:

* Stuffed crepe purses with caramelized banana

* Spiced nuts

* Popovers

* Roasted fennel and carrots

* Aioli

* Pear clafoutis

* Cheeses

* Birthday cake



Anonymous said...

I thought for sure you were going to reference Vosges Haut Chocolat’s new Mo’s Bacon Bar.

See it here at: http://www.chocolateobsession.com/2007/06/review_vosges_bacon_bar.htm

Mmmmm...bacon chocolate...

Happy Birthday noshing.


EnnuiHerself said...

While I love meat and chocolate I just don't think that I can support the chocolate + bacon experiment. It's just ain't natural.

I am very excited, however, about the caramelized banana.

LG said...

My birthday is Saturday also, although I won't divulge my age. I'm not sure what my plans are yet, but now I feel a little compelled to include chocolatey, bacony goodness.

I'm a fan of creme brulee, but that seems a little pedestrian compared to the rest of your scandalous menu.

djoy said...

hmmm. Momofuku Sam........been waiting since Lent to go! lets plan a date soon :) especially since i'll be missing your lovely bday.

ΣΑΥΡΑ said...

i don't really understand why the fact that you like pork makes you a bad lesbian.
Plus i worry that you may come up with a good excuse