Thursday, August 02, 2007

"Use plenty of lube."

I've hit upon a winning formula. If I write about my embarrassing bodily mishaps/functions, readers will come in DROVES! And I can even shine the spotlight on my cats and the fact that one of them peed in my bed yesterday, which means that he either hates me or has a fetish. Please, keep up the wiping comments. One can not pass up such comedy gold.


birdonthewirenyc said...

are you sure it wasn't you that peed in the bed because of your UTI and you're just trying to blame it on the cat's predilection for water sports? and i'm not talking about tubing. or am i?

nycrouge said...

I am a dirty, dirty girl. As for tubing, I'm going to have to wait till I am confined to the safety of my home computer before googling what it means.

Ro said...

Oh c'mon.
The cat had sex, decided to forgo the wiping strategy, and went for the peeing after sex bit. Can't say if any cuddling occurred.

btw hope you're feeling better

Josephine said...

Hmm, either your cat is mad about something or he, too, has a UTI. My cat has had UTIs a few times, and the way she lets us know something is wrong is by peeing in inappropriate places. I know that would be too weird, but still, you might want to keep on eye on the cats in case one of them looks like he's in pain.