Friday, August 17, 2007

"The dramas hinged on unlikely plot devices: leg cramps, pie allergies, the surprising things one finds hiding in cupboards."

I've probably milked this death and destruction angle all I can so perhaps it's time for some levity -- especially since I'm very hungover today and my brain faculties are somewhere near cats = funny coupled with a little bit of drool running out the side of my mouth. (The whole LOL cat thing has probably jumped the shark, but it makes me laugh like a fucking ment sometimes.) And look! I'm actually about to mention a Friday Fave on a Friday.

Wait for it . . .

Wait for it . . .

My Friday Fave is R. Kelly. Seriously.

Just for a moment forget that he has a penchant for underage sex and turn your attention to his opus -- his hip hopera if you will -- called Trapped in the Closet. While I get the feeling that R. Kelly thinks of it as a serious artistic statement and a testament to his genius, the rest of the world sees unintended humor in unexpected plot devices. Midgets? Check. Gay love triangle? Check. R. Kelly stuck in a closet? Check.

I think the brilliance of Trapped is that it is so over the top and narcissistic that it actually works. Even the New York Times agrees and seeing how their article is much better written and researched than this blog post, I defer to them to explain why you need to watch it.

You can watch it here on YouTube and you can also check out new installments running on the IFC website. Word.

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bad apologies said...

We had a Wednesday night viewing the DAY it came out. Pure beauty.