Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"But aren't you brushing me off?"

It figured one day that my blog or rather my often flippant recollections would be the source of a misunderstanding. I mean it was inevitable considering that too many of my friends are reading. And sure enough that day came yesterday when Ms. K thought I was brushing her off in some oblique way . . . or rather someone made her think that. Long story.

While I was a little annoyed at having my words misinterpreted so that anyone would think I was so callous to give anyone a kiss off via this blog and not in person (doing so would only have been a couple of degrees away from announcing your divorce via press conference), it did make me think of the uniquely perilous position of dating someone who is a blog reader . . . and someone who started off as a blog reader.

Sympathy? Anyone . . . anyone . . . oh.


Ro said...

You get those lovely 'perks' when dating women, drama being the biggie.

For what it's worth, this says much more about her than you. And if she was a reader before a date, then it speaks volumes of her. She should have said something from the start. But that would negate the drama, and we know women love 'the drama'.

I would offer you a tissue, but just have the wipes.

Design Dyke said...

I felt slightly crushed when Ms K came on the scene so I put away my SAS application and have since been holding my breath. Is it time to breathe again perhaps?!

nycrouge said...

Aww. The 10,000 miles between Sydney and New York is quite the distance to traverse.