Thursday, August 16, 2007

"I don't want to speak too soon, but I think crisis has been averted."

Ms. K stayed over last night. You know what this means? It means something bad is going to happened somewhere. Maybe. While the day isn't over yet -- at least here on the East Coast -- there is still time for something to happen. I have been checking the news with some trepidation, scanning headlines for tornados, calamities, or general hysteria. Oh that earthquake in Peru? Totally happened yesterday. Doesn't count. Nor can I take claim for the recent problems with the stock market.

I mean, like, seriously y'all.


tec said...

Hel-LO-o! The earthquake was totally in anticipation of your night together, and I totally predicted it. And I totally need a dose of my anti-valley girl meds, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Ha. I'm a Peruvian reader of your blog and it just occurred to me to make a connection between our apocalyptic earthquake and your streak with Ms. K. and it made me laugh. So thank you for providing amusement in these dark times. No sarcasm intended, I swear.


Cecelia said...

We had tornado conditions in Vermont. There aren't tornadoes in Vermont, but last night, 16500 people without power, trees were down all over the state, hail damaging property. It was a sign that God may have been a little perturbed by something. (And, I like to believe that it was not my own lesbian activities that would incur such wrath.)

afro76 said...

Hurricane Dean?