Monday, August 06, 2007

"So, I have decided that I think you should go out with me again."

Obviously I'm have not been really good at updating for My Friday Fave as evidenced by the fact that last week's Fave came out on Sunday and I never wrote one for this past Friday. And after a very fruitful blogging July, August kicked off with a sluggish start. Patience, dear readers, patience.

* The UTI is pretty much gone thanks to a course of antibiotics, but probably exacerbated because of the drinking I've been doing lately. Thank you all for your concern, especially with my peeing/wiping habits.

* Ms. K and I have tentative plans to meet up this week for drinks. If past history is any indicator, we will end up making out in some bar in the wee hours of the morning and then I will ask her to come home with me. Because the dirty whore in me likes it.

* I went to go see Tegan & Sara at the Hiro Ballroom last Wednesday. My original plan was to write a review of the show, which was great, but deadlines and laziness got in the way. Once Band Buddy Maire sends me over her photos from the concert (hint hint, nudge nudge), perhaps I will be more motivated to explain why the show was awesome. (Photo below! Maire even took some footage and placed it on YouTube.) Maybe it was the fact that they played their new album, The Con, in its entirety from back to front? Maybe it was hearing the song "So Jealous" performed live that rocked my world? Maybe because they are a pair of gay twins who can rock out?

* I have a crush -- an intellectual, spiritual, platonic crush -- on a beautiful former Franciscan monk that I met whilst drinking with friends in South Slope on Friday. I want to pick his brain and spend evenings with him discussing history and spirituality. Perhaps I even have a monk fetish? My (budding stalker) friend found a picture of him online in his Franciscan robes and it was hot. Can a gay woman find a former monk hot? Too Thorn Birds with a dash of Chasing Amy? Discuss.

* I broke my vow of honesty on my blog for the first time when I wrote an entry that will never see the light of day. Well maybe someday, just in time for the DVD extras of the blog. Don't worry, I saved the entry.

* My new favorite singer is John Vanderslice. I mean, like, seriously. I must come across as a slut for good music, but I have a feeling that his album Emerald City is going to get the same heavy rotation on my iTunes as Andrew Bird's Armchair Apocrypha did.

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