Sunday, April 03, 2005

"A girl takes her top off, you have to give her something."

Saturday was naked day. I didn't know this when I woke up, but it was totally naked day by the time it slipped into the gin addled minutes of Sunday.

Naked day started with a trip to the spa for a massage. Meanwhile my prudish self thought I was merely having a back massage (my back has been killing me). But oh no, it was a "naked with a towel" kind of massage. Not that I didn't enjoy it, but it was naked time I wasn't mentally prepared for. At least I shaved.

Naked time took a little hiatus after I left the spa. After a zen like post massage experience in Whole Foods where I must have looked stoned to the guy chatting me up, I continued on back to Brooklyn. Later was an anniversary party at Kings County complete with a vibraphone band, champagne drink specials, and burlesque dancers. Cue further naked time.

Drunk Chick: "That last girl, she had nice boobies!"

I couldn't have agreed more. Oh wait, I thought, you forgot to add that she has a nice butt.

Though there might have been pasties and tassels, having a girl shake her fishnetted ass in front of you definitely qualifies for naked time. Thus Saturday became naked day.

The end.

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