Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"Do you know about our three year service plan?"

Sitting on a Manhattan roof
I have a digital camera! Now I can photoblog and take pics of my Chicago trip on Thursday. Hooray!

Okay, enough geeky excitement.

Yes I am going to Chicago on Thursday, which means mucho opportunity to test the new camera. Also mucho opportunity to document some drunken episodes (not mine, oh no . . . I'm an upstanding citizen). While in Chi-town, I will be meeting up with friends, seeing the sites, and trying not to let the evil gin have its way with me.

Just in time for my trip, the weather here in Gotham has turned summer like. Felt odd breaking out the cropped khakis and lightweight shirts, but what's a girl to do when it is 86 F? I'll tell you what a girl's supposed to do: sit on a Manhattan roof and drink a beer. The shot above is my inaugural digital pic of my friend Jess's foot.


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