Thursday, April 14, 2005

"Your search 'Sir Mixalot' did not match any results."

Oh Holly, Holly, Holly. What am I going to do with you? Everyone says I should make the first move, but what can I say -- I'm a total chicken. Maybe you are dropping hints. After all you did choose Metropolitan (a gay bar) as our venue last night. And as we sipped our pints of Stella, you definitely said the words "my ex-boyfriend." Is that the big in that I have been waiting for?

Now that we have plans for Friday (lychee martinis, dinner, and 80s night at Girlsroom), I can come up with a plan of attack. Hopefully I won't chicken out for the fourteenth time, but I can at least ask, "Hey, you still datin' that guy?" Hopefully she will say, "Actually no. Let's go snog in a dark corner."

Why is this so hard? Does she like me or does she not. Are we friends or have I been going out on a lot of dates with her?

So many questions.

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