Saturday, April 16, 2005

"This is part of your punk rock education."

In the absence of datage last night, Jane and I decided to paint Bushwick red and visit all three local bars. It also helped that before I left work on Friday, my boss informed me that in honor of our very good billing month, I could expense $100 worth of drinks. I asked Jane if she was up to the $100 challenge and she replied that she would do her best.

It's amazing how quickly two people can drink and eat through $100. The bar tab at Life Cafe, not including food, hovered somewhere around $40. With our eyes on the prize, we stumbled over to bar two, the newly opened Wreck Room on Flushing Avenue. What an appropriate name, especially considering how I later felt. We finished off our Bushwick Bar Crawl at Kings County. A couple of ill advised drinks later, I was ready to careen home.

I deserved my searing Saturday headache and wobbly stomach. In the immortal words of Jimmy Buffett, it's my own damn fault. But poor Jane. She's a little rusty and her hangover definitely took her by surprise.

Needless to say that the $100 challenge comes with its payback.

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