Saturday, April 30, 2005

"Viewer Discretion Advised."

There was a little bit of thought that went into Friday's plans with Holly -- call it a calculated effort if you will. I was banking on the cheap drinks at our favorite watering hole to loosen her up. Then we would go to Girlsroom (a lesbian bar in the Lower East Side) and dance to 80s music and make use of the open bar. They even have couches tucked back in the dark so you can do other things than dance.

I had a plan to stick to.

Cheap drinks? Check.
Good level of inebriation?
Watching a barely dressed tattooed girl dancing on a stage?
Spot secured on couch in darkened corner?
Smooching going on?

That's a big fat no.

So what's going on here? I'm making this real easy for her and I'm barely getting a response save for some close dancing. What do I have to do? Take off my top?


Anonymous said...

So, did you have "The Discussion," then? Is there confirmed interest?

nycrouge said...

No I haven't and I realized yesterday why I have been reticent to have "The Discussion" -- there has been no demonstrative behavior from her to make me think that she likes me other than the going out a lot together. Perhaps we really are just friends, which is fine, but a little disappointing.