Monday, April 11, 2005

"Because I'm Will Smith and it's 1991."

Oh boy, oh boy. I had an action packed weekend and about 9 hours sleep total. It's tough being this badass.

Dinner, drinks, and a Josh Rouse concert with Holly on Friday followed by a hangover on Saturday. Jess called me Saturday evening to see if I was interested in dinner and drinks with her friend Tori. I can report that I was very good to my liver, but ended up staying at Jess's place Saturday night since it was either that or take a cab home. In the morning, still in the clothes I slept in, we all went down to Chinatown for vegetarian dim sum.

No stories or salacious details to report, but when I skulked home around 1pm Sunday, I had quite a time trying to convince Jane that I didn't come home on Saturday because of some Manhattan booty call.

If only.

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