Friday, September 26, 2008

"Welcome to JPMorgan Chase"

I don't like to comment on politics. Much. But the dueling shit storms of the presidential election and the biggest shakeup of the US economy since the Great Depression has me riveted to The Internets like I'm watching some sort of Hollywood disaster movie. Woah! How's it going to end?? Will McCain debate Obama tonight?? Will there be a bailout?? How far will the economy tank?? Who's on first???

At any rate I'm glad that I'm neither an investment banker nor working in advertising, the later of which was Ms. K's previous career before she decided to abandon it with some of her soul intact. We're pragmatically thinking towards the future and how we'll survive should things get worse than they already have. Her job ends on Sunday, which we knew would be seasonal, and I have faith that there will be ad hoc work with her employer in the interim. Plus I'm thinking being a bartender during a recession can't be that bad -- people still gotta drink!

Oh and if anyone banks at WaMu, like we do, looks like it's time to find a new bank!


Christina said...

I just opened an account with WaMu last month. I love how that worked out.

Sleepy said...

Pah! Coins are going in bottles and jars, notes are under the mattress!