Monday, September 22, 2008

"Watch your dog!"

In my family, we are not Dog People. We are Cat People. At least I think we are owing to my mother's early and frequent declaration that Dogs Are Yucky.

That said, I am now stepmother to a 100 lb golden retriever named Harley. This is quite a curious turn of events for a previously avowed Cat Person. I should also note that -- duh! -- dogs require a lot more maintenance than cats. What's with this whole walking multiple times a day? Have you ever tried walking a 100 lb dog? He walks you! And don't get me started on the whole poop-scooping-hand-in-bag maneuver.

So life is all about adjustments I guess. Harley is a good dog and I can generally keep him focused while walking, but sometimes he pulls with the strength of an ox towards some new smell or squirrel or other dog that he thinks will be his new friend because all he wants is love and attention. He's probably the gentlest, least aggressive dog you'll ever encounter, but you'd be surprised by the amount of people who lose their shit when they see Harley walking their way.

Grown men stop in their tracks.

Children cry with fear.

Women recoil and cross the street.

I don't know if it's indicative of the culture of people living in my neck of Brooklyn, but they act as if I am walking a harry Velociraptor who will EAT THEM. Seriously, people. This is a Golden Retriever we're talking about. Even I know this and I'm a Cat Person.

The blog title comes courtesy of a charming man who yelled at me because Harley loves kids and he made a motion towards a little girl who excitedly yelled "DOGGY!" while pointing at Harley. Looks like we're not in Park Slope territory anymore . . .


Anonymous said...

Hey, Rouge, this is your Brazilian reader (you know, the one that can get Marlboro's for less than U$2).

I hadn't stopped by in a while, and was catching up. I just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world with the moving, the new apartment and with Ms. K. I hope the two of you have loads of Best Days Ever™!

Anonymous said...

I am not a dog lover by any means, and even I can't understand the fear. I never run away from Golden Retreivers or Cocker Spaniels. Those are the two gentlest breeds around, as are Dalmatians. Now, if it was a pitbull or something, that would be another story.

Sleepy said...

'Grown men stop in their tracks.
Children cry with fear.
Women recoil and cross the street'

Welcome to my world!

Alexa said...

i have a cocker spaniel and he's the sweetest thing you'll ever see but so many people are afraid of him and i guess it's because he's kinda big, but really, he doesn't even bark... i guess the funniest thing that happened when i was walking him is that this dude almost jumped when he saw my dog, i didn't want to laugh on his face but it was pretty funny how he reacted, people tend to overreact a lot when they see big dogs...

MLC said...

Try a gentle leader headcollar or an easy walk will make walking him much more pleasant for you.

Premier pet products makes both of the above...god sends or is it dog sends.

No matter.


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