Friday, September 19, 2008

"How are we going to make this work?"

I have StatCounter loaded on my blog and since I don't have enough personal distraction while I'm at work, I like to spend time looking at who's coming to my blog. I also like to note the strange Google searches that bring random strangers to Post No Bills. (I think "feeldoe demonstration" is still number one.) Anyway, last year's post on the Best Day Ever™ came up in the statistics and I was reminded that for every bad day there is a good day and that for every low in a relationship there is a high.

May tomorrow be more of a Best Day Ever™ then another horrible, no good, very bad day?


MLC said...

my site gets hit because I posted a spoof photo entitled
"naked chicks in a hot tub"

so let me help you...

naked chicks in a hot tub
naked chicks in a hot tub
naked chicks in a hot tub

you're welcome -- I wish you well and wish you better days!


Sleepy said...

My biggest hits come from the UAE looking for 'Grils Fucking'.
They get directed to a post about a friend's cats, referred to as 'the grils' by us.