Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Don't worry, love will prevail!"

Now that Ms. K and I are in love again, we can turn our attention towards The Apartment and the very large list of things to do. Does this mean we're nesting? Does nesting involve scraping the paint off the bathroom walls in preparation for painting it a color called Anjou Pear? DIY projects? Trips to home improvement stores? Hot cooked dinners? Copious amounts of sex?

Oh man, we're totally domesticated. I hope it doesn't come across as barf-worthy, dear readers. At least it beats two weeks ago when we seemed to hate each other.

1 comment:

kimberlyd. said...

"we're totally domesticated" - welcome to the club.
and dont worry, the only way you will come across as barf-worthy, is if your posts begin to resemble those of a park slope mommy. glad to see the two of you settling in.