Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"naked chicks in a hot tub"

Thanks everyone who recently passed along their support. Moving is hard -- fucking, fucking hard. And combining households with a lover puts the stress in a whole new ballpark. Yes, this was definitely One Of The Three Most Stressful Things I've Ever Had To Endure. (This coming from the girl who up and packed her life for New York City.) I think I cried more in the last few weeks then I have in the last few years. One breakdown came when I couldn't find my wallet for all of three seconds. Another when Ms. K couldn't find her car key. There were fights and someone slept on the couch one night, but hopefully things are finally settling down.

Anyway things seem a little more peaceful at Casa Rouge. I put a big dent in bedroom organization and Ms. K fixed the screwy electrical outlets. Some of our larger projects (Bookshelves! Painting!) have been put on hold because we're fucking broke right now and the living room is a disaster. Baby steps, right?


Alexa said...

well, i'm glad to hear that things are coming along, even if it's slowly...

Anonymous said...

Very happy to hear things are getting smoother with you two!

I moved into a place with my lady in March. I also drove 2400 miles to do it after a 6 month ld relationship. Looking back now we smile because there were times when we didnt think we would make it..( many nights with one of us on the couch!) but we did and we are stronger for it.

Best of luck to you both.


MLC said...

That's great BUT where are the naked chicks in a hot tub?


jackie warner
jackie warner
jackie warner

djoy said...

I concur; by far, moving is one of the most STRESSFUL events ever. 3 moves in one year and combining homes with my ex definitely almost ended our relationship ON several occasions. In hindsight, too bad I let it drag on 2 years too long after that!