Monday, September 15, 2008

"Your mom is a piece of work."

Who am I? Two X chromosomes, DNA, molecules forming tissue and bone and organs? Dark hair and eyes that need corrective lenses? Am I twenty-nine-years worth of experiences? Layers of psychological conditioning? Am I words formed by finger strokes and neural impulses turning thought into action?

What I hope I'm not is my mother. She and my father stopped by briefly to see the apartment and take some furniture that I just didn't have room for. The idea was to stash it in their basement for time being so Ms. K and I would have some breathing room in the place. But the second she got in the door she was criticizing the new apartment and spent an hour forcefully trying to tell Ms. K and I how to arrange the furniture, especially the pieces I wished to be temporarily rid of. And again my mom asked Ms. K when she was going to get a real job.


I told Ms. K to warn me if I ever get like my mom.

"Don't worry," she said, "I'll smother you in your sleep with a pillow if you do."


ToonCat said...

Grrr. Know how you both feel. Wifey and I have this exact same deal re smothering.

In fact, the insult that must never be used, even in jest, is "Gosh, you sound like your mother". Wifey's greatest fear - ending up like that crazy lady...!

pins said...

You are not alone - my mother sounds a good bit like your mother. At least Ms K has a good sense of humor about you turning into your mother. She was kidding, right? :)