Thursday, September 11, 2008

"I don't know how this placed hasn't burned down yet."

I knew it was a risky move signing for an apartment that Ms. K hadn't had a chance to see, but I was bolstered by faith and optimism. Look! An apartment! For us! Yeah it's kind of a mess, but I have a vision! A vision of apartment awesomeness!

When Ms. K and I opened the door last Thursday, she didn't quite have the same level of optimism that I had. The place was a wreck -- a dirty wreck with many layers of paint on its forty-year-old walls. The previous tenant hadn't cleaned (ever) and the super hadn't painted or done repairs. The toilet was brown and so was the shower. The stove had a couple of years worth of caked on grease and food. When I saw the apartment previous to signing the lease, I had overlooked these glaring problems somehow. Probably because the previous tenant was still there and her shit was everywhere so I couldn't assess the full horror.

But, honey, I have a vision!

There were tears and things have swung back and forth between I hate this apartment and I hate you for making me live here to Let's make this work! The dog versus cats issue has exploded into a ginormous issue, the electrical wiring in the apartment is dangerously old, and we've also started fighting about how we just have too much stuff.


Stay tuned for the next installment of Adventures in Cohabitation!


EnnuiHerself said...

*sends Rouge and Ms. Keri jumbo sized, industrial strength Lysol*

Oooh, I too fell victim to apartment deception. They all look decent when there's crap everywhere but once empty . . .blech!

I'm sure you ad your super cleaning skills will whip that place into shape in no time.

Mouthy said...

moving is such a bitch. and in new york, doubly so.


sounds like somebody needs to leave a piece of strategically placed tp in her crack to lighten the mood.

Sleepy said...

CSI suits, cillit bang and mr muscle!
The mixed fumes can be quite trippy!