Friday, June 02, 2006

"He doesn't work here anymore."

It's Friday. And you know what Fridays is, right? RANT TIME.

Only yesterday I was talking to Val about hair monogamy. Finding a hair dresser is as stressful as dating, especially in New York City. I used to go back to DC and get my hair cut at Axis Salon -- the equivalent of a long distance relationship. I wanted to make it work despite the distance. I thought Billy wanted the same . . . that is until he left me for some tart in California.

Broken hearted and jaded I jumped back into pool of salon options. After a few misconnections, I found Robbi. He worked it hardcore and gave me rock star hair. I thought it was the start of a long and fruitful relationship . . . until I called the salon today to find that Robbi went back to California.

What. The. Fuck? Why do I keep losing my hair people to the Golden State?

* Edit: I LOVE MY NEW HAIR! Anthony at Autonomy did an excellent job.


Dorothy Snarker said...

Because we give good hair out here in California. Belated congratulations on your OFTL success. We could make you the national OFTL poster child.

J-Wo said...


nycrouge said...

All in good time, J-wo. And thanks for the belated congrats, Ms. Snarker.