Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"And I'd like to suggest a conference call tomorrow afternoon to discuss the REALLY dirty details . . ."

Up until very recently, J-Wo's parents were regular readers of her blog. Why J-Wo EVER told her parents she had a blog is beyond me -- sometimes parent's can't handle the dirty truth about an adult child. Sure enough they read something that perhaps they didn't want to know about. Trust me, I know all about hysterical mothers who discover too much.

Now J-Wo needs a place to detail her exploration of FWB and even her gay side without her mother reading it. So without further ado . . .

A Tale of Two Lovers

This past weekend was one of those delightful anomalies when I engaged with two different sexual partners. Today, I took some time to reflect on the similarities and differences of the experience.

He met me naked at the door to his apartment and--with a minimum of words--convinced me to take off all my clothes in the hallway, perform deviant behavior, and then traipse past the closed doors of his sleeping roommates for additional fun in his bedroom.

She was curious and forward, and we ended up on her bed having a frank discussion about the awkwardness of two straight girls exploring the vagaries of lesbianism. Once the giggling had stopped, we found that our bodies responded the same way, discovered that kissing a girl was like kissing ourselves, realized that girls know exactly what girls want.

He told me I took his spanking like a champ; I replied that he administered it like a professional. She told me I tasted nice; I sighed with post-coital bliss.

He was hard; she was soft. He towered above me; I bent to kiss her. He did not ask me to stay the night; she offered to share her bed. He kissed me goodnight; she hugged me at the door.

I left with a spring in my step after both.


Mr. Bad Apologies said...

Thanks for the post, because I was even fielding calls from abroad asking what was going on.

And as such, I have but one core question from the second of the two encounters: Did J-Wo get off? It sounds like she did, but in my little fantasy world of the encounter, that is the key between a rather awkward clinical exploration, and a joyful peak into the other side of the looking glass.

nycrouge said...

I really think J-Wo needs to explore the ladies in a non threesome environment. She needs the full experience. That said, well done.

J-Wo said...

Ahem--it WAS in a non-threesome environment. Just me and the young lady in question. Here's the sequence of events:

Friday night: Mr. FWB and I met up for a late night romp. Naked fun was had by all.

Saturday night: After Mr. FWB cancelled at the last minute, I took it upon myself to pick up girls by myself (rather than invite them to a threesome with Mr. FWB). Mr. Bad Apologies obliged with a trip to Liquid Ladies, the lesbian night at Apex. While the *actual* lesbians wanted nothing to do with us, the other bi-curious girl associated with the excursion invited me back to her place. Naked fun was had by all.

Sunday: Utter strangeness of knowing that I had just engaged in a weekend of sex, yet would be finishing it off with a trip to the theatre with the family to partake in a Mark Twain-inspired bluegrass musical murder mystery.

Conference call to follow...

And to Mr. Bad Apologies' question: Yes I did. Yes she did. Good times were had by *all*.

Mr. Bad Apologies said...

WooHOO! You're new name on my blog, thus, is Alice. Thanks for visiting our world!!!