Monday, June 05, 2006

"Yeah, it’s been FIVE days since a Val update. Are you too busy with the U-haul?"

Ask and ye shall receive, Mr. Bad Apologies.

So where to start? We saw each other in the wee hours of Saturday morning, but it wasn't until Sunday that we got to spend some quality time together -- brunch, walk through the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and then a trip down memory lane when she requested to see embarrassing photos of me during my high school era blazer phase.

Though it's been a couple weeks since Val and I started seeing each other, there has been no RDT -- relationship defining talk -- to establish if we're exclusive or if we are each other's girlfriends. And no, Mr. BA, trying to avoid sending out of the U-haul. Enjoying the pace at which things are going and that Val seems relatively sane. I told her while we were at the Botanical Gardens that she wasn't allowed to be crazy since I have a tendency to be attracted to crazy people.

Let's see how well that decree holds.

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