Thursday, August 04, 2005

"Prepare to be underwhelmed."

I'm slightly intrigued and appalled that when you type "why don't I have any friends" into Yahoo Search, my blog is the second entry. It links to a missive I wrote as a response to Crazy Ex's stalkerish ramblings, but the link is there, sandwiched between links about gang activity and for a Christian message board. Hello, internet! I have arrived. And apparently you think I don't have any friends. Hmmm.

(Before you think that I have been typing "why don't I have any friends" into Yahoo search, I only know this from looking at my webstats.)

True, my NY friend count is three (give or take one seeing how Jess in living in London at the moment), but that wouldn't exactly place me in the social leper category. However I have a plethora of DC friends who have been asking recently when I am going to come down and visit to which I say, "When I have money."

It's been nearly nine months since I moved. Can you believe it? I could have had a baby, except having a baby would be a lot scarier than living in New York. And speaking of moving, I took the Find Your Spot quiz and apparently the place for me is Baltimore, MD, followed by Providence, RI, and Boston, MA. Hmmm.

* * *

I'd like to start an ongoing list that I would like to call, "Reasons I Need to Change Jobs."

Reason #452: Because laying out manuscripts that use the words "fecal DNA" is not cool.

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