Friday, August 12, 2005

"Ohio is not an option."

Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to Cleveland.

Finally making good on my promise to visit Dennise, I'll be bound for the Buckeye State two weeks from today. I guess you could call it a vacation. Sort of. Now I am faced with the burning question, "What does one do in Cleveland?" Dennise says the city's got "stuff." I took to the internet to see if her claim could be backed up.

Ooo, there's a They seem to be pointing me towards the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a must see destination. Not really on my list, so let's try this again. Exploring the neighborhoods of Cleveland via the site, I have discovered that Tremont is "historic and hip." However when I click on a photo tour, this is one of the not so hip pictures I get.

Dennise, you're going to have to find me something better than the intersection of Jefferson and Professor streets.


EnnuiHerself said...

Well! At least we have readily available karaoke bars!

Fliven said...

Not trying to offend anyone, but Ohio blows. And Cleveland isn't much fun, to say the least. And most of it is scary in a "why do I see nothing that was made after 1972" kind-of way.