Monday, August 29, 2005

"More gin!"

Dear Cleveland,

Your public transportation sucks and is a mockery to the term "Rapid Transit." Please do something about it. And you might have a more vibrant community with interesting people if your interesting places were actually open.


* * *

So have you figured out where I spent my weekend yet? I flew into Cleveland on Friday to visit Dennise where we drank too much gin, ate Thai/Cambodian food, cooked salmon from the Westside Market, toured a Frank Gehry building, and got far too many Hey baby's from random men in their vehicles. What's up with that?

With this trip, I finally completed my tour of all the New York area airports (except for Islip, which really doesn't count). Thumbs up for Newark and JFK. Thumbs down for LaGuardia, which I flew out of this weekend. Like Cleveland, LaGuardia really needs to work on its public transportation options. Those $25 cab rides are painful, especially when the cab driver misses the exit to Williamsburg and drives all the way to downtown Brooklyn. However, if there is a draw to flying out of LaGuardia (other than the theoretical closeness to my loft), it's the stunning views of New York during the take-off and landing. I especially enjoyed my aerial view of the Cloisters and the Hudson River.

Oh and a side note: Dennise and I got tarot readings from a sidewalk vendor on Saturday. Yes, you can roll your eyes, but she was right on the money. Big changes in the next 6 months to a year, ladies and gentlemen.

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