Sunday, August 14, 2005

"Do we need to discuss your latest blog entry?"

Dennise insisted that I complete this survey. Since I pretty much do what Dennise tells me, I have listed my answers below. For the three or four random people who find my life entertaining (god knows why), here's a little background on our heroine.

What I Was Doing Ten years Ago
August 1995. I was 16, miserable, and getting ready for my entrance into my senior year of high school. It was around this time that I went on a camping trip with a loose bunch of friends who ended up becoming my very good friends even after 10 years. Dating status: single.

What I Was Doing Five Years Ago
August 2000. I was 21, miserable, fresh out of college, and living at home. What I remember most was doing job interviews around DC in the sweltering heat.
Dating status: single.

What I Was Doing One Year Ago
August 2004. Having deciding that I needed to get the hell out of DC and move to New York, I was traveling back and forth between the two cities for job interviews. Specifically there was this one company that I interviewed twice with and it really seemed like I was headed for a job offer, but nothing came of it. Go figure.
Dating status: single.

Met Holly and her parents, who were in town, at the Brooklyn Brewery. We then went to a couple of pubs in Williamsburg to escape the oppressive heat, shopped, and later went to Clinton Hill to see Holly's brother for dinner.
Dating status: single.

Ate breakfast, watched two episodes of Six Feet Under on DVD, and got ready to go shopping in Midtown.

Another eight hour day at my miserable job. Maybe even movie night at my local pub.

Five Snacks I Enjoy
Olives, hummus, cheese, stuffed grape leaves, and fruit.

Five Albums That I Know the Lyrics to MOST of the Songs
"Under the Cold Blue Stars" - Josh Rouse
"Lovelife" - Lush
"Lost Souls" - Doves
"Funeral" - Arcade Fire
"Us and Us Only" - Charlatans

Five Things I Would Do With $100 Million
Pay off debts, invest in property, travel, return my parents' investment into my education, and buy a nice place.

Five Locations I Would Like to Run Away To
Istanbul, London, Tahiti, Rome, and Tuscany.

Five Bad Habits I Have
Not being good with my emotions, over indulgence, math, not communicating well, and poorly managing my money.

Five Things I Like Doing
Exploring the city, travel, cooking, designing, and meeting new people.

Five TV Shows I Like
Absolutely Fabulous, Dead Like Me, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Star Trek TNG.

Five Biggest Joys of the Moment
Visiting Dennise in Cleveland,
Life Cafe, knowing that I have two freelancing checks coming my way, knowing that Fall is a month away, and knowing that everything will get better.

Five Favorite Toys
My iMac G5, my iPod, my digital camera, my Wusthof knife set, and the Adobe Creative Suite.


Anonymous said...

Well maybe 4 bad habits is enough, but i feel like you owe your loyal blog-readers 1 more snack food and 1 more biggest joy of the moment :)

nycrouge said...

I should also add math and paying attention to the details to my bad habits.

gunngirl said...

Loved your about me, and loved it even more since you listed Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I wish I could do some freelancing. Sounds like it might be nice pocket change.

Anyway, love your blog. I am one who enjoys your NY trials and tribulations.