Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"Buy yourself some back to school clothes."

In an earlier blog entry, I reported that New York was kicking my ass. Update: it still is. Good news is that I have a couple of fat freelancing checks coming my way. Bad news is that they are going straight towards the Great Loft Move 2005 fund since apparently I need to have $2000 in the bank for moving expenses. Oh how I weep.

Yesterday was a rare respite from the ass kicking. My mom, with two friends in tow, was up from Maryland for the day, which meant that dinner and cab fare was paid for (she insisted I take a cab home from Manhattan -- okay whatever). The last time she was in the Big Apple was back in November, she and my dad drove laps around the Bushwick housing projects in a frustrating attempt to find my new home. No wonder they think I live in the ghetto. In addition to dinner and cab fare, I got a check for $200 for new clothes. Though extremely grateful, I didn't tell her that I was tempted to spend it on my electric bill.

This is the first time in my life that I've really had to be an adult. No safety net, no parents to bail me out (okay, okay, but the $200 from my mom was an anomaly). I'm a five hour drive home (which isn't really home anymore since my parents sold their house in Olney) instead of a 30 minute drive. Scary stuff even for this 26 year old pseudo adult.


gunngirl said...

I can't imagine. Must be scary. I guess it's not so Sex in the City, huh?

Money problems are my life.

nycrouge said...

No "Sex in the City." I am bereft of hot sex, nice shoes, and Cosmopolitans.