Friday, May 11, 2007

"What is wrong with you?"

I'm having one of those days where I can't concentrate. Perhaps it's because it's Friday and warm outside or because I found out that my former roommate -- the one whose wedding in Nottingham I recently attended -- is pregnant while another friend's husband has cancer. It could also be the tetanus shot I got yesterday, the antibodies or whatever swirling around my bloodstream causing me to feel a little off. It could also be that I have decided in the last few hours that I need to get laid.


How long has it been? (Counts out six fingers) Yeah, six months. Maybe this is all a psychological reaction to the skeezy dream I had of my crazy ex, a need to replace subconscious sex with that of sex with someone who doesn't make me cringe.

So OFAG. Where is it? Um, right. Well I (a) don't have much of a plan (b) realized that I still have feelings for Fake Girlfriend and (c) things petered out after my big push a couple weeks ago. Haven't heard from Hot Friendster Girl and Patricia hasn't called.

I threw a housewarming last Saturday for my new roommate. The party was going to be mostly coworkers, but I invited a half dozen of my friends over to join in, one of which was Carmen. I wrote to her that she should let Patricia know that I was having a party since I didn't have any contact info for her.

Later I got an email back form Carmen.

"I can not believe you did not invite Patricia!" she wrote. "What is wrong with you?"

Ugh. Does anyone read anymore?

"I don't have her bleeding email address!!" I shot back. "That is why I asked you to pass along the invite to her since you know how to get in contact with her."

"I thought you got her card the other night."

"No I gave her my card. Was a bit drunk so didn't realize till later that I didn't get one from her."

In the end Carmen gave me Patricia's email address and phone number, but when I invited Patricia to the party, she said that she was going to be out of town. Sigh. Must come up with a plan. Is it weird to contact someone when you weren't given their info directly?


EnnuiHerself said...

Is it weird to contact someone when you weren't given their info directly?

If you contact her and she turns you down, will it kill you? No? Then just do it.

Balls Out, baby!

Caro said...

Um, not weird, but, could I venture a tad enthusiastic? Then again, ya gotta be in it to win it!

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty cool. Go for it, we all know how attractive confidence is (even if it's 'fake').

Anonymous Lesbian said...

I don't think it's weird... I'd probably mention that I got the contact info from your common friend though, so she doesn't think you're stalking her. Other than that, I think getting the info from your friend and contacting Carmen is a great way of showing interest. Go OFAG, go!

censativemd said...

Yea! OFAG! Progress is always a good thing. . .well, unless you're a tropical rainforest I guess. Hey, I went to New York this weekend looking for you. I stood under a scaffold that read "post no bills", but you never showed. What's with that? Sadness all around. Seriously, I didn't know what that meant until yesterday when I saw it in Times Square. See, you don't want a Tennessee girl; we can be slow. LOL.