Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Second, I think your blog needs more imagery."

I've been a very bad blog writer and despite my best intentions, nary an update in almost a week. Sorry, I've been laying low. Unfortunately a proper update is going to have to wait till I get back from Staten Island. Yes, um, I said Staten Island. I have a friend with a house and a pool, so I can't complain.

The photo above is from my rooftop back in Bushwick circa July of 2005. Oh how time flies. Can't believe that this is my third summer in the city. Anyway, enjoy -- especially Mr. Bad Apologies, who asked that I post more New York centric photos.



Anonymous said...

That's funny, I always thought your blog was full of imagery. Perfectly sublime imagery.

Oh yeah, it's the kind you have to think about. I forgot.

bad apologies said...

Ew. "Anonymous" is a bitch. Yeah, I said it. Obviously they were too busy running to post their comment where they could point out that "imagery" can be literary, that they failed to see my comment. Fine, I should have been precise and said "images." I think it is no surprise that, as I said, you're a fabulous writer. Anonymous is a coward for not sharing their identity.

Yeah, I pulled a Rosie O. on you, you Elizabeth Hasselback wannabe.

nycrouge said...

Does this make me Barbara Walters? Okay, Mr. Bad Apologies. Settle down. Settle down.

bad apologies said...