Monday, November 27, 2006

"You paid how much for a turkey?!"

Alright. Many things. One, a quick note to my friends. I don't do well with three days worth of alone time. Not only do I get stir crazy, but I get depressed. On Sunday night I was eating cold pumpkin pie and bourbon (a strangely delicious combination) in my semi-lit apartment ALL ALONE. I don't want to ever do that again. I had this problem last year. So when I say, "Hey, are you doing anything this weekend? I really need to get out of the house," I mean it. For the sake of my mental health, please just do something with me! I do not fare well during periods of isolation.

I'm a little broken after my three days of alone time, but give me a couple days and I'll be back to my perky self. Thanksgiving was good -- I cooked for nine of my friends. I also cooked my first turkey in addition to cranberries, cornbread, pumpkin pie, and potatoes. I fucked up the gravy, but it was a rookie mistake.

Other Things:

- Gained 15,000 pounds after spending all my alone time eating Thanksgiving leftovers.

- I did actually get out of the house on Saturday night to go see Volver at
BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) with my friend Carm. Incidentally Jay-Z was also at BAM the same night.

- Spent $116 at Crate & Barrel buying such necessary items as a carving fork, platter, and roasting pan. Wish I had gotten that fat separator and maybe I wouldn't have fucked up the gravy.

- Yes, I paid $45 for an 11.5 lb turkey and I bought it from the Park Slope Food Co-op, but it was an American Bronze variety and thus promoting sustainable eating and the craft food movement. And it was quite tasty.

- Realized that I should have picked up two other important items at Crate & Barrel such as a meat thermometer and a baster. Ah, the rookie mistakes.

- Yes, the Holly situation is fucked up and I haven't been blogging about it since I don't want to try your patience, dear readers, but we slept together again while we waited for the Thanskgiving guests to arrive.

- Another word on the
Holly situation: apparently Holly told a friend of mine during my birthday party that we've been seeing each other for the last few months. Hmmm. News to me. I thought I was single. I did go on a date with someone a couple of weeks ago, you know.

- I came out to some of my coworkers on Tuesday. Believe it or not this is a big step for me.

- I got my other cat fixed after I discovered him humping his brother.

So yeah, that's about it.


Rich and said...

Rookie mistakes or no, that was one beautiful bird. Word!

Mi Mama lives by her meat thermometer and fat separator for what it's worth.

ada said...

While I agree with La that the turkey is quite lovely, it's breasts cannot compare with those showcased in the corset.

And while it appears the Holly steps are moving in a backwards direction, congrats on moving forward with your colleagues. Coming out to coworkers isn't an easy thing to do.

By the way, how was Volver?

Dorothy Snarker said...

Cold pumpkin pie and bourbon, wow, they should start serving that in bars around the holidays. Sounds like a good way to mix up the alcoholism with seasonal delights. Your turkey looks delicious, by the way, fucked up gravy or not.

In old news, I created a flickr account (profile: Dorothy Snarker) so I could view your corseted birthday pictures. I added you as a contact but that didn’t seem to do the trick. Do you need to add me? Will you add me? Let’s be photographic friends…

bad apologies said...

Volver: Please review (we almost saw it in SoBe), but went for Casino Royale.

Holly: :-O

Gravy: If you make everything else, I'll always make your gravy.

Cat Brother Humping: I don't know why you discourage this--it sounds rather hot. Did I mention I hate cats?

bad apologies said...

I misused my parenthesis. FUCK.

nycrouge said...

I did add you, Ms. Snarker. And I made you my friend! Can you still now see the debauchery? Try refreshing. Oh and try the bourbon/pumpkin pie combo. Crazy delicious if a little sad.

ADA -- Volver was good. Not as good as Talk to Her and All About My Mother, but as good as Bad Education. I guess for the sake of my readers, I'll write a review.

bad apologies said...

btw--Who reads your blog that works for Uslec Corp?

Dorothy Snarker said...

Success! And, oh my. Lucky cupcake.

Red said...

A beautiful bird! And how on earth did you serve T-day dinner for 9 in your place?? :) I cooked my first Thanksgiving last year (Whole Foods turkey) and also ran into a gravy fiasco. There are people over for dinner tonight--they bought and froze two turkeys yesterday, at $0.37/pound! I'm sure they weren't as green as yours though :)