Monday, November 20, 2006

"The corset has landed."

Ways in which I and others commemorated the anniversary of my birth:

- Got taken out to lunch by work colleagues.

- Squeezed my D cup "girls" into a black corset, which finally arrived from CA at 11:30 am Friday.

- Located my black feather boa.

- Drank gin.

- Drank bourbon.

- Drank beer.
- Ate red velvet cupcakes.

- Watched an impromptu song and dance number by two friends of mine. A Swiffer pole was used like a cane.

- Made a fool out of myself, albeit relatively sober.

Awesome. No hangover this year and this birthday was by far the best in my 20s, which are normally disastrous.

Now that my birthday has passed, it's time to focus on Thanksgiving. This year marks the Second Annual Misfits Thanksgiving for those who don't want to spend the holiday or cannot spend the holiday with family. Dinner shall be cooked in part by moi, however the hitch with this plan is that I've NEVER cooked a turkey before and must figure out how to do so before Thursday. What the hell have I gotten myself into??


Dorothy Snarker said...

Wow, that picture makes your birthday shenanigans look a lot more naughty than your simple list of events would have us believe. And we all know that pictures don’t lie…

Anonymous said...

you can always call the butterball helpline.

Happy belated!


nycrouge said...

Birthday photos are on Flickr, but you have to have an account and add me as a friend to see them.