Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Today must be your lucky day."

Um, I have a date tonight. Seriously. Where did I meet this girl? She appeared suddenly like a magical flash on Lexington Avenue. Actually she contacted me through Friendster and liked me enough even though my Friendster profile is horribly out of date. I figure I have nothing to loose.

So Friday is my birthday. And what do I have planned for the big 2-8? A Burlesque Birthday Party! Bring on the half naked girls! And what will I be wearing? My very own corset and accoutrements. But here's the snag -- said corset and accoutrements should have arrived today since I paid for the 2 day FedEx shipping. Unfortunately when I called this afternoon, it was all still sitting in a California warehouse. Listen, people! Don't you know that I must look hot for my birthday?! So there is a chance that I might be wearing only my birthday suit for my birthday.


Dorothy Snarker said...

Let me be the first to request, in advance, pictures! Especially if the corset and accoutrements don't arrive. Oh, and happy almost birthday.

EnnuiHerself said...

Did we add burlesque show to the list of things I want to do if & when I ever come back to NYC?

I want to wear a corset. :(

nycrouge said...

Pictures will be forthcoming, Ms. Snarker.

And if you come back to NYC, Dennise, we'll do burlesque. You just need to get your butt here!!