Friday, November 17, 2006

"Forgot to tell you . . . sad news."

When I was a sophomore in college, my parents bought me a new 1998 Saturn as an early graduation gift. I named her Saffy after the dourly studious character Saffron on the British television series Absolutely Fabulous. Not only was I was a big fan of the show, but the first three letters of my license plate was FAB so it seemed only appropriate to name a dour, safe car after a dour character. Though some may think getting a new car from my parents made me a spoiled kid, I will say that I got this gift during the Bad Time -- ie, the three year period after my parents found out I was gay and in which I barely spoke to them because of how they freaked out. I think the car was a peace offering and I was just glad to have some wheels.

I had Saffy her for over 6 years -- 6 years of driving around DC, driving back and forth between Roanoke, Virginia and home, and trips to Delaware for the beach. I even once drove Saffy all the way from Virginia to Cape Cod with my then girlfriend.

Before moving to New York, I sold Saffy. And when I sold Saffy, she had 50,000 + miles on her in addition to a scratch down the drivers side where someone keyed it. It was a sad parting, but very necessary one as no one owns a car in New York. She was sold to the daughter of my mother's coworker and I took the money and bought an iMac G5.

I was sad to learn that last night that Saffy met her end, wrapped around a telephone pole after hydroplaning in the rain. Her new owner was unhurt,* but Saffy was sadly totaled. She was only 9 years old.

* The airbag apparently never deployed! Eeek! Thankfully I never got into an accident when I had her.


EnnuiHerself said...

RIP Saffy

I'm sure Saffy is in car heaven now.

Do you know if the Spice Girls sticker was damaged?

nycrouge said...

Actually according to the sticker that was on the inside of the driver's door, Saffy was born in November of 1997.


Dorothy Snarker said...

Aww, well Saffy sounds like she lived a good, full life.

And, on a completely unrelated note, Happy Birthday! Did the corset arrive?