Monday, November 13, 2006

"All the love's alive tonight."

OFAG is moving along . . .

On Saturday I met Lesbian Club members at a Park Slope bar for drinks. I made sure I looked nice because who knows -- maybe the love of my life is going to show up. Later my friend Nina leaned in and told me when she was downstairs getting a drink, one of the new members asked who I was.

When Nina responded, she exclaimed, "Oh that's Rouge?!" before making a noise of approval, something like a oooooo! But the girl was shy and had Nina not said anything, I would have never known that she fancied me. It's nice to be fancied nonetheless.

New Girl later left, but her friend stayed behind. Both Nina and Wendy swept in and started inquiring about NG on my behalf.

"What do you think about NG and Rouge?"

"You know," the friend said, "when I first saw Rouge I thought she'd be perfect for NG."

All eyes were on me as we sat around the bar table. I squirmed under the spotlight.

The friend continued. "But I really think NG is straight even though she's attracted to and dates women. She needs a guy." Then came a list of things that were wrong with NG ending with, "Other than that she's be perfect for you!"

Uh . . . . . Way to sell me on the idea!


Dorothy Snarker said...

Danger! Danger, Rouge Robinson! And potential love of your life whose friend says, “But I really think (insert appropriate acronym here) is straight” would be, what I like to call, a red flag. Really, really red. Like fire engine crossed with the cop siren crossed with a oozing magma red. Unless, of course, NG’s friend really fancies you instead and was trying to sway you away from her. In which case NG needs new friends…

H said...

Yeah, the last thing you need is another pseudo-lesbian who'd rather be with a dude.

And then, maybe Dorothy is correct - maybe the other friend likes you.

nycrouge said...

Fear not, faithful OFAG followers. I will not waste the pretty. I thought it was humorous anecdote.