Sunday, December 24, 2006

"Boys should not have lady lumps."

Merry Christmas, my little blog readers. Or rather happy holidays. (Post No Bills is non denominational in its merry making. You should have seen the kickin' party I threw for Diwali. I kid, I kid.) I'm writing you from sunny boondoggle -- aka Howard Co., Maryland -- and getting geared up for tomorrow's festivities. And I just barely made it here. Turns out I have a
bad habit of getting to train stations on time and was rushing to get on my train as they announced final boarding.

I know I say it everytime I go to DC, but it's weird being back -- like trying to remember how to speak another language. Worst is when I have to remember how to get anywhere. Upon leaving boondoggle to go meet Dennise for dinner last night in Dupont Circle, I spent a good minute and a half trying to figure out how to actually drive to DC. Nevermind the GPS equipped car I was driving. But I did find DC and also found an excellent parking spot on R Street allowing me to have some much needed time with Dennise. We even went for a couple drinks at the Big Hunt afterwards, reminding me of the few things I actually miss about DC (smoking in bars not being one of them).

So I had it in my head that I would re-come out to my mother this weekend. We had appointments to get our nails done together this morning and I figured it was a perfect time to discuss my gayness. As some of you may know, our initial conversation nearly 10 years ago didn't go so well and so I'm trying to improve upon that initial badness. Unfortunately I chickened out and have opted for the wait until she has had a few martinis cop out. Seriously people. Some conversations are not best had sober.

ps -- Come to Brooklyn, Dennise!!

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